Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why do we wander?

This is a question that plagues my mind. I wonder this so much. Man we go through so much and run to God and see amazing things. Then the moment we are out of those moments we are straight back to wandering away after our own plearures. Things that dont even matter. Shoot I even know they dont matter but they seem to cover everything in my life so well. Fake. false. a facade. Building a house out of pieces of sticks.desperatly trying to hold onto what was never meant to be and yet hoping for Gods saving grace to rescue me.

Why do I always do this? Its like the only way I can have a relationship with God is to be in something that pushes me past myself. The moment I am on my own I just wander off like the stupid Kid I am. Gosh.

I know he is here though. Knowing. caring. Wandering with me to get me back to him. I owe my life to my Lord and savior. Let my wandering heart be tied to you Lord.

Let my wandering heart be tied to you...

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